Internal structure of fluctuating Cooper pairs

ABSTRACT In order to obtain information about the internal structure of fluctuating Cooper pairs in the pseudogap state and below the transition temperature of high Tc superconductors, we solve the Bethe-Salpeter equation for the two-electron propagator in order to calculate a “pair structure function” gP that depends on the internal distance between the partners and on the center of mass momentum P of the pair. We use an attractive Hubbard model with a local potential for s-wave and a separable potential for d-wave symmetry. The amplitude of gP for small ρ depends on temperature, chemical potential and interaction symmetry, but the ρ dependence itself is rather insensitive to the interaction strength. Asymptotically gP decreases as an inverse power of ρ for weak coupling, but exponentially when a pseudogap develops for stronger interaction. Some possibilities of observing the pair structure experimentally are mentioned.

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European Journal of Physics B, 53, 4, 417-432

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