Fabrication of HepG2 Cell Laden Collagen Microspheres using Inkjet Printing

In this study, drop-on-demand system using piezo-elecrtric inkjet printers was employed for preparation of collagen microspheres, and its application was made to the HepG2 cell-laden microsphere preparation. The collagen microspheres were injected into beaker filled with mineral oil and incubated in a water bath at 37℃ for 45 minutes to induce gelation of the collagen microsphere. The size of collagen microsphere was 100μm in diameter and 80μm in height showing spherical shape. HepG2 cells were encapsulated in the collagen microsphere. The cell-laden microspheres were inspected by the microscopic images. The encapsulation of cells may be beneficial for applications ranging from tissue engineering to cell-based diagnostic assays.

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Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 31, 8, 743-747

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