Urban Experience: Remix of Attachments

I propose an essay for understanding how we experiment the fluidity, the density and diversity of the urban space. I purpose to reveal what I call the remix experience, that is to say the habit to of newness and otherness. This habit shows us the importance of remixing in our urban life, and the various repeated attachments and detachments of our action courses. I will describe the repeated experiences of fluid attachments to beings and to objects, that is to say, to think singular orderings in fluid urban areas. Our action courses are constantly remixed, at some moments and in some places more or less, and more or less conciously. Mobility and mobilization accelerates the process of remixing. Living in urban spaces marks in us more and more fluid series of actions by the repetition of changes and differences. The habit is what makes the world liveable thanks to repetitions of attachments and detachments. Living in the urban spaces is no more to be anchored, but to gain the habit to remix, I mean dealing with new and different attachments to new beings and things.

Presented at:
Annual Conference of the Commission on Urban Anthropology [CUA-IUAES], Saint-Etienne, 8-07,2014

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