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000199757 520__ $$aWhile energy-efficiency or environmental measures have benefited from numerous and powerful research efforts, further research is needed to better understand the complex interactions between the many parameters influencing human comfort. Studies concerning discomfort glare, for instance, have so far been based on conventional psycho-physical procedures. Given the importance of discomfort glare in building performance, we will show how view direction dependencies of glare can be investigated by integrating eye-tracking methods. On the other hand, a strengthening of the connection between lighting conditions and human health will be discussed, based on collaborations with the scientists working in photobiology and neuroscience. The link between daylight and human circadian organization (as a proxy for health) is explored here in terms of its architectural implications for an increased understanding of the health effects of daylighting in architecture. Finally, visual interest in architectural daylighting refers to the aesthetic and perceptual aspects of a space’s illumination. The subjective nature of design makes indicators such as visual interest difficult to define, but a closer look at contemporary architecture suggests that there are certain similarities in how architects choose to choreograph daylight for varied programmatic needs and experiential effects.
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