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Metal Double Layers with Sub-10 nm Channels

Double-layer plasmonic nanostructures are fabricated by depositing metal at normal incidence onto various resist masks, forming an antenna layer on top of the resist post and a hole layer on the substrate. Antenna plasmon resonances are found to couple to the hole layer, inducing image charges which enhance the near-field for small layer spacings. For continued evaporation above the resist height, a sub-10 nm gap channel develops due to a self-aligned process and a minimal undercut of the resist sidewall. For such double layers with nanogap channels, the average surface-enhanced Raman scattering intensity is improved by a factor in excess of 60 in comparison to a single-layer antenna with the same dimensions. The proposed design principle is compatible with low-cost fabrication, straightforward to Implement, and applicable over large areas. Moreover, it can be applied for any particular antenna shape to improve the signals In surface-enhanced spectroscopy applications.


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