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Successive Refinement of Gaussian Projections

Successive refinement is a technique to encode a source iteratively, improving the distortion at each step. If the code rates of all steps combined can be as efficient as coding only for the final distortion in one go, then the source is said to be successively refinable. We turn our attention to vector sources and we propose to replace the high-distortion first stage by a projection to low-dimensional space. The goal remains the same: code the original, high-dimensional source afterwards by only a small addendum. We look at Gaussian sources subject to an MSE criterion as a first step in this direction. A coding scheme for this problem is developed by turning the projection into an estimator of the source. It is shown that Gaussian vector sources coded via a projection can be successively refinable. We derive a parametric description of distortion pairs that can achieve this state; this region exists for any projection matrix, but its size may vary.


    • EPFL-CONF-199569

    Record created on 2014-06-13, modified on 2017-05-12

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