Real-time control of multiple plasma actuators is a requirement in advanced tokamaks; for example for burn control, plasma current profile control and MHD stabilization - EC wave absorption is ideally suited especially for the latter. For example, on ITER 24 EC sources can be switched between 54 inputs at the torus. In the torus, 5 launchers direct the power to various locations across the plasma profile via 11 steerable mirrors. For optimal usage of the available power, the aiming and polarization of the beams must be adapted to the plasma configuration and the needs of the scenario. Since the EC system performs many competing tasks, present day systems should demonstrate the ability of an EC plant to deal with several targets in parallel and/or to switch smoothly between goals to attain overall satisfaction. Recently TCV has taken a first step towards such a demonstration. Several EC launchers are used simultaneously to regulate the sawtooth period and to preempt m/n = 3/2 NTMs, by controlling the power levels. In parallel, a second algorithm stabilizes any NTM that saturates [1]. These and real-time MHD control experiments on ELMs [2] are presented.