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Interpolation for Synthesis on Unbounded Domains

Synthesis procedures compile relational specifications into functions. In addition to bounded domains, synthesis procedures are applicable to domains such as mathematical integers, where the domain and range of relations and synthesized code is unbounded. Previous work presented synthesis procedures that generate self-contained code and do not require components as inputs. The advantage of this approach is that it requires only specifications as user input. On the other hand, in some cases it can be desirable to require that the synthesized system reuses existing components. This paper describes a technique to automatically synthesize systems from components. It is also applicable to repair scenarios where the desired sub-component of the system should be replaced to satisfy the overall specification. The technique is sound, and it is complete for constraints for which an interpolation procedure exists, which includes e. g. propositional logic, bitvectors, linear integer arithmetic, recursive structures, finite sets, and extensions of the theory of arrays.


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