Conference paper

In-Situ Thin Film Growth of PbTiO3 By Multi Target Sputtering

The in-situ reactive sputter deposition of PbTiO3 on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si from two metallic targets was investigated. A minimal lead oxide flux of two to three times the titanium oxide flux is needed in order to obtain stoichiometric films with the perovskite structure. For higher fluxes, the Pb/Ti ratio in the film stays at the stoichiometric value 1; the orientation changes from random to <100>; and the film morphology transforms from a rough to a smooth polycrystalline film. The obtained dielectric constants vary between 40 and 150, the losses between 2 and 4 % (10 kHz). The method could be extended to PbZrxTi1-xO3 for x ≤ 0.7. The orientation is lost when the Pt electrodes are replaced by RuO2 electrodes.

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