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Recovering Neugebauer colorant reflectances and Ink-spreading curves from printed color images

Spectral reflection prediction models, although effective, are impractical for certain industrial applications such as self-calibrating devices and online monitoring because their calibration requires specific color-constant calibration patches. Using the CMYK Ink-Spreading enhanced Yule-Nielsen-modified Spectral Neugebauer model (IS-YNSN), we propose a method to recover the colorant reflectances (Neugebauer primaries), the ink-spreading curves, and the Yule-Nielsen n-value using only tiles extracted from printed color images. There is no prior knowledge about the reproduction device. Thanks to a set of constraints based on principal component analysis and the relationships between composed Neugebauer primaries and the ink transmittances, good approximations of the Neugebauer primaries are achieved. These approximations are then optimized, yielding an accurately calibrated IS-YNSN model comparable to the one obtained by classical calibrations.

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