Skilled migration and development practices: Republic of Moldova and the countries of South East Europe

This volume takes the experience of the Republic of Moldova, as well as that of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine as case examples to examine issues related to links between scientific diasporas and home country development. The volume is based on the assumption that the knowledge and experience gained abroad by the emigrated scientists and skilled professionals and the high quality research infrastructure and working methods that they use in their research and professional activities in the destination countries can be leveraged by the home country, provided that efficient channels of interaction are established and supporting local structures are put in place. Despite the institutional strategies launched by the national governments of these countries as they seek to foster cooperation with their scientists and skilled professionals based abroad, there are currently no permanent links or supporting instruments that can effectively connect them to key national stakeholders and allow them to capitalise on the resources that they have accumulated overseas. The authors conducted an analysis of the current situation within the area of skilled migration management in the region and established the outlines for the new framework for action. The work concludes with a compendium of regional good practices at the level of national programmes and projects and shows the potential for a regional approach in this area.

Varzari, Vitalie
Tejada, Gabriela
Porcescu, Sergiu
Jean-Claude, Bolay
Academy of Sciences of Moldova

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