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Manufacturing and Preliminary Performance Expectations of Nb3Sn Based Conductors Allocated for the First ITER TF Coil With CICC From Korea

Manufacturing of superconducting Nb3Sn based Cable-in-Conduit Conductor (CICC) for Toroidal Field (IT) coils for the ITER tokamak under the responsibility of the ITER Domestic Agency for the Republic of Korea, ITER Korea, has been in progress since early 2012. Production of sufficient CICC needed to fabricate the first TF coil solely using Korean (KO) conductor has been achieved. Furthermore, low temperature performance verification tests near ITER operating conditions on a second CICC sample, following tests on a sample from the first KO CICC destined for an ITER TF coil, have recently been performed at the EPFL-CRPP SULTAN facility in Villigen, Switzerland. This paper provides an overview on all CICC that is destined for the first ITER TF coil to be fabricated with KO CICC, along with a brief summary of the results of the low temperature performance verification tests on KO CICC samples.


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