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Nanoskiving Core-Shell Nanowires: A New Fabrication Method for Nano-optics

This paper describes the fabrication of functional optical devices by sectioning quantum-dot-in-nanowires systems with predefined lengths and orientations. This fabrication process requires only two steps, embedding the nanowires in epoxy and using an ultramicrotome to section them across their axis ("nanoskiving"). This work demonstrates the combination of the following four capabilities: (i) the control of the length of the nanowire sections at the nanometer scale; (ii) the ability to process the nanowires after cutting using wet etching; (iii) the possibility of modifying the geometry of the wire by varying the sectioning angle; and (iv) the generation of as many as 120 consecutive slabs bearing nanowires that have uniform size and approximately reproducible lateral patterns and that can subsequently be transferred to different substrates. The quantum dots inside the nanowires are functional and of a high optical quality after the sectioning process and exhibit photoluminescent emission with wavelengths in the range of 650-710 nm.


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