Conference paper

Sampling 2-D Signals on a Union of Lattices that Intersect on a Lattice

This paper presents new sufficient conditions under which a field (or image) can be perfectly reconstructed from its samples on a union of two lattices that share a common coarse lattice. In particular, if samples taken on the first lattice can be used to reconstruct a field bandlimited to some spectral support region, and likewise samples taken on the second lattice can reconstruct a field bandlimited to another spectral support region, then under certain conditions, a field bandlimited to the union of these two spectral regions can be reconstructed from its samples on the union of the two respective lattices. These results generalize a previous perfect reconstruction theorem for Manhattan sampling, where data is taken at high density along evenly spaced rows and columns of a rectangular grid. Additionally, a sufficient condition is given under which the Landau lower bound is achieved.

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