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000196809 245__ $$aEvaluation of subgrid-scale models in large-eddy simulation of flow past a two-dimensional block
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000196809 520__ $$aLarge-eddy simulations of flow past a two-dimensional (2D) block were performed to evaluate four sub-grid-scale (SGS) models: (i) the traditional Smagorinsky model, (ii) the Lagrangian dynamic model, (iii) the Lagrangian scale-dependent dynamic model, and (iv) the modulated gradient model. An immersed boundary method was employed to simulate the 2D block boundaries on a uniform Cartesian grid. The sensitivity of the simulation results to grid refinement was investigated by using four different grid resolutions. The velocity streamlines and the vertical profiles of the mean velocities and variances were compared with experimental results. The modulated gradient model shows the best overall agreement with the experimental results among the four SGS models. In particular, the flow recirculation, the reattachment position and the vertical profiles are accurately reproduced with a relative coarse grid resolution of (N-x x N-y x N-z=) 160 x 40 x 160 (n(x) x n(z) = 13 x 16 covering the block). Besides the modulated gradient model, the Lagrangian scale-dependent dynamic model is also able to give reasonable prediction of the flow statistics with some discrepancies compared with the experimental results. Relatively poor performance by the Lagrangian dynamic model and the Smagorinsky model is observed, with simulated recirculating patterns that differ from the measured ones. Analysis of the turbulence kinetic energy (TKE) budget in this flow shows evidence of a strong production of TKE in the shear layer that forms as the flow is deflected around the block. (C) 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
000196809 6531_ $$aLarge-eddy simulation
000196809 6531_ $$aSubgrid-scale models
000196809 6531_ $$aImmersed boundary method
000196809 6531_ $$aTwo-dimensional block
000196809 6531_ $$aTurbulence kinetic energy budget
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