Bimanual Compliant Tactile Exploration for Grasping Unknown Objects

Humans have an incredible capacity to learn properties of objects by pure tactile exploration with their two hands. With robots moving into human-centred environment, tactile exploration becomes more and more important as vision may be occluded easily by obstacles or fail because of different illumination conditions. In this paper, we present our first results on bimanual compliant tactile exploration, with the goal to identify objects and grasp them. An exploration strategy is proposed to guide the motion of the two arms and fingers along the object. From this tactile exploration, a point cloud is obtained for each object. As the point cloud is intrinsically noisy and un-uniformly distributed, a filter based on Gaussian Processes is proposed to smooth the data. This data is used at runtime for object identification. Experiments on an iCub humanoid robot have been conducted to validate our approach.

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IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), HongKong, China, May 31-June 7

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