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000196575 245__ $$aModular multilevel battery packaging for a universal and flexible EVs charging system
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000196575 520__ $$aElectric Vehicles (EVs) carmakers are heavily confronted by the limited fault ride-through capabilities of actual EVs battery packs. Therefore, this paper introduces a new method of EVs battery packaging based on modular multilevel battery modules as well as a universal and flexible integrated charging system. This allows isolating damaged battery modules and keeping the whole system working. In addition, the concept allows charging the batteries from a wide range of charging infrastructure; from AC household basic supply to AC fast-charging as well as DC ultra-fast charging. This method consists of cascading half bridge switching cells, which are connected with battery modules in order to form a modular multilevel converter (MMC). A three phase electrical machine with slip stator windings is needed in order to use the stator winding as filtering inductance during charging mode. Moreover, the concept integrates a selecting and sorting algorithm for balancing the battery modules state of charge without using dissipative strategies.
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000196575 7112_ $$aAABC 2014 : The 14th International Advanced Automotive Battery Conference$$cAtlanta, Georgia, USA$$d3–7 February, 2014
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