Conference paper

A New Omni-Directional Multi-Camera System for High Resolution Surveillance

Omni-directional high resolution surveillance has a wide application range in defense and security fields. The GigaEye-1 system, with 44 single cameras and 22 FPGAs, is capable of recording omni-directional video in a 360º×100º FOV at 9.5 fps with a resolution over (17,000x5,000) pixels (85MP). Real-time video capturing capability is also verified at 30 fps for a resolution over (9,000x2,400) pixels (22MP). The important capacity of GigaEye-1 opens the door to various post-processing techniques in surveillance domain such as large perimeter object tracking, very-high resolution depth map estimation and high dynamic-range imaging which are beyond standard stitching and panorama generation methods.


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