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Coding Schemes and Asymptotic Capacity for the Gaussian Broadcast and Interference Channels With Feedback

A coding scheme is proposed for the memoryless Gaussian broadcast channel with correlated noises and feedback. For all noise correlations other than ±1, the gap between the sumrate that the scheme achieves and the full-cooperation bound vanishes as the signal-to-noise ratio tends to infinity. When the correlation coefficient is −1, the gains afforded by feedback are unbounded and the prelog is doubled. When the correlation coefficient is +1, we demonstrate a dichotomy that if the noise variances are equal, then feedback is useless, and otherwise, feedback affords unbounded rate gains and doubles the prelog. The unbounded feedback gains, however, require perfect (noiseless) feedback. When the feedback links are noisy, the feedback gains are bounded, unless the feedback noise decays to zero sufficiently fast with the signal-to-noise ratio. Extensions to more receivers are also discussed as is the memoryless Gaussian interference channel with feedback.

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