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The performance test and analysis of ITER Main and Correction Busbar conductor

The first ITER Main Busbar (MBCN1) and Correction Busbar (CBCN1) conductor samples were manufactured in ASIPP and tested in the SULTAN facility. This paper introduces the sample manufacture, including strand, cabling, jacketing and sample preparation, and discusses the performance of MBCN1 and CBCN1 conductors. The testing results show that both samples have high T-cs, and meet the ITER requirement. Due to the ITER acceptance standard T-cs of MB conductor was changed to 6.7 K at 45.5 kA/3.9 T. The performance of MBCN1 conductor after cyclic load fits the ITER requirement, but the sample was only tested at 57 kA/2.75 T before cycling test. Using some hypothesis and equation to extrapolate the T-cs performance of MBCN1 conductor before cycling test, the result also fits the ITER requirement. For CBCN1 conductor, the central line of the central cooling spiral shifted about 1.3 mm during the cabling. The deviation causes an increase of the max self-field by about 0.005 T, which could not influence the CBCN1 conductor real T-cs performance at peak field. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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