Far-Field UHF Remotely Powered Front-End for Patient Monitoring with Wearable Antenna

The design of a wearable antenna for UHF band at 900 MHz with an integrated front-end for a wireless sensor system targeting remote patient monitoring is presented. A wearable antenna for human body with -7.2 dB gain is demonstrated using five layer torso model. The antenna can deliver 25 mu W of power to the rectifier at 4.6 meters distance from the base station emitting P-EIRP=4 W. Local power management circuitry consumes a total power of 4 mu W while delivering 10 mu W of power for the sensors of the wireless sensor system. The system designed with 0.18 mu m CMOS process demonstrates the performance of the frontend together with 3D electromagnetic simulation results of the wearable antenna.

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2013 Ieee 11Th International New Circuits And Systems Conference (Newcas)
Présenté à:
11th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), Paris, 16-19 June 2013
New York, Ieee

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