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Optimized magnetic design for inductive power transfer coils

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is well-established for applications with biomedical implants and radio-frequency identification systems. Recently, also systems for the charging of the batteries of consumer electronic devices and of electric and hybrid electric vehicles have been developed. The efficiency η of the power transfer of IPT systems is given by the inductor quality factor Q and the magnetic coupling k of the transmission coils. In this paper, the influence of the transmission frequency on the inductor quality factor and the efficiency is analyzed taking also the admissible field emissions as limited by standards into account. Aspects of an optimization of the magnetic design with respect to a high magnetic coupling and a high quality factor are discussed for IPT at any power level. It is shown that the magnetic coupling mainly depends on the area enclosed by the coils and that their exact shape has only a minor influence. The results are verified with an experimental prototype.


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