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000192661 245__ $$aMicrophone Array Beampattern Characterization for Hands-free Speech Applications
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000192661 520__ $$aSpatial filtering is the fundamental characteristic of microphone array based signal acquisition, which plays an important role in applications such as speech enhancement and distant speech recognition. In the array processing literature, this property is formulated upon beam-pattern steering and it is characterized for narrowband signals. This paper proposes to characterize the microphone array broadband beam-pattern based on the average output of a steered beamformer for a broadband spectrum. Relying on this characterization, we derive the directivity beam-pattern of delayand- sum and superdirective beamformers for a linear as well as a circular microphone array. We further investigate how the broadband beam-pattern is linked to speech recognition feature extraction; hence, it can be used to evaluate distant speech recognition performance. The proposed theory is demonstrated with experiments on real data recordings
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000192661 7112_ $$aIEEE 7th Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop(SAM)$$cHoboken, NJ, USA
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