Gaze Estimation From Multimodal Kinect Data

This paper addresses the problem of free gaze estimation under unrestricted head motion. More precisely, unlike previous approaches that mainly focus on estimating gaze towards a small planar screen, we propose a method to estimate the gaze direction in the 3D space. In this context the paper makes the following contributions: (i) leveraging on Kinect device, we propose a multimodal method that rely on depth sensing to obtain robust and accurate head pose tracking even under large head pose, and on the visual data to obtain the remaining eye-in-head gaze directional information from the eye image; (ii) a rectification scheme of the image that exploits the 3D mesh tracking, allowing to conduct a head pose free eye-in-head gaze directional estimation; (iii) a simple way of collecting ground truth data thanks to the Kinect device. Results on three users demonstrate the great potential of our approach.

Presented at:
IEEE Conference in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Workshop on Gesture Recognition, Providence, RI, USA

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