RAS and LES Simulation of the supercritical flow over the waving bed.

The phenomena of bed forms exist widely in the natural rivers and are still not fully understood. The detailed sediment dynamics near the bed is essential for this problem. However, the fluid dynamics near the bed, which drives the sediment motion, is not clear. In this talk, we focus on the fluid dynamics of supercritical flow over a sinusoidal wavy bed, especially around the wall region. This setup mimics anti-dunes morphology i.e. bedforms that are commonly found in steep mountain streams. In this case, the flow depth and the bedform amplitude have the same order of magnitude with the amplitude of the bedform. To study the detailed fluid flow, a 3-Dimensional numerical simulation of Navier-Stokes equations is performed. Two different models, Reynolds Average Simulation (RAS) and Large Eddy Simulation (LES), are used for the turbulence closure. The two models are validated with experiments carried out on a wavy bed. Particular attention is paid to the fluid shear stress on the wavy bed and the bedform equivalent roughness. LES shows more abilities for this problem. In future, various wavelength and amplitude of the sinus wave will be implemented so that new shear stress formulas and parameterization for the anti-dune roughness in shallow water equations will be proposed.

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AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, December 9-13

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