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Manifestation of the spin textures in the thermopower of MnSi

To identify possible spin texture contributions to thermoelectric transport, we present a detailed temperature and pressure dependence of thermopower S in MnSi, as well as a lowtemperature study of S in a magnetic field. We find that S/T reconstructs the (p, T) phase diagram of MnSi encompassing the Fermi liquid, partially ordered, and non-Fermi-liquid phases. Our results indicate that the latter two phases have essentially the same nature. In the partially ordered phase, S(T) is strongly enhanced, which may be understood as a spiral-fluctuation-driven phase. A low-temperature upturn in S/T pertaining to the partial-order phase persists up to the highest pressure, 24 kbar. Contrarily, a small suppression of S(T) is observed in the ordered skyrmion lattice A phase. Copyright (C) EPLA, 2013


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