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Fabrication and Packaging of a Fully Implantable Biosensor Array

In this work, we showed the realization of a fully- implantable device that integrates a microfabricated sensing platform, a coil for power and data transmission and integrated circuits. We described a device intended to test the biocompati- bility of the materials used for the microfabrication. Therefore, electronics measurements for data communication and remote powering will be reported in another article [1]. To ensure biocompatibility an epoxy enhanced polyurethane membrane was used to cover the device. We proved through an in-vitro characterization that the membrane was capable to retain enzyme activity up to 35 days. After 30 days of implant in mice, in-vivo experiments proved that the membrane promotes the integration of the sensor with the surrounding tissue, as demonstrated by the low inflammation level at the implant site


    • EPFL-CONF-190850

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