A Packet Loss Compliant Logic-Based Communication Algorithm for Cooperative Path-Following Control

We introduce an event driven communication logic for decentralized control of a network of robotic vehicles (agents). The strategy proposed is robust to packet losses and drives the vehicles to predefined paths while holding a desired geometric formation pattern. To this effect, the paper extends an existing cooperative path following framework to consider the practical case where communications among the vehicles occur at discrete instants, instead of continuously. The introduced communication logic takes into account the topology of the communication network, the fact that communications are discrete, and the cost of exchanging information. We also address explicitly communication losses and bounded delays. Conditions are derived under which the overall closed loop system is input-to-state practically stable. The communication logic is applied to a cooperative path-following control system of multiple underactuated autonomous marine robots. Simulation results are presented and discussed.

Presented at:
The 9th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems 2013, Osaka, Japan, 17 to 20 Sep 2013

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