Transparent polymer interlayers are usually adopted to laminate glass members dealing with structural roles. Currently, they are also used to realize laminated adhesive connec-tions joining structural glass components (e.g. steel-to-glass connections). Research activities are currently ongoing to investigate the behavior of such joints, made either by a transparent ionomer (SentryGlas® from DuPont) or by transparent silicon (TSSA from DowCorning). The experimental investigations of the bulk material properties of SG and TSSA laminated interlay-ers are here presented. Uniaxial tensile tests on dumbbell shaped specimens are performed to study the mechanical properties and constitutive law of adhesive materials. The effect of tem-perature and strain rate are investigated and discussed. The specimens were previously cured to bring the polymeric material in the same state as it is in connections after lamination. Real stresses are calculated taking into account the transversal contraction of the material and the ac-tual cross section of the specimens under large deformations by means of Digital Image Correla-tion.