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000190506 500__ $$aThis work is carried out as part of the CAMEA work project. Members of this project are: Paul G. Freeman, Henrik M. Ronnow (EPFL), Christof Niedermayer, Fanni Jurányi, Márton Markó (PSI) Kim Lefmann, Jonas Okkels Birk, Mads Bertelsen (University of Copenhagen) Niels Bech Christensen, Jacob Larsen (Technical University of Denmark)
000190506 520__ $$aCAMEA is a new instrument concept so it is possible that the construction could or maintenance of the instrument would be hampered by technical details. In order to prevent this a technical predesign have been performed. This is not a final technical solution with bolts and nuts but a 3d drawing where the important elements were put into place to confirm that it could be constructed in reality and that it would be possible to get access to the key areas for maintenance. Further the design has been used as a basis for the cost estimate. Since the primary instrument will not be unique the design has concentrated on the secondary instrument.
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000190506 6531_ $$aEuropean Spallation Source (ESS)
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