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Adaptive sparse grid algorithms with applications to electromagnetic scattering under uncertainty

We discuss adaptive sparse grid algorithms for stochastic differential equations with a particular focus on applications to electromagnetic scattering by structures with holes of uncertain size, location, and quantity. Stochastic collocation (SC) methods are used in combination with an adaptive sparse grid approach based on nested Gauss-Patterson grids. As an error estimator we demonstrate how the nested structure allows an effective error estimation through Richardson extrapolation. This is shown to allow excellent error estimation and it also provides an efficient means by which to estimate the solution at the next level of the refinement. We introduce an adaptive approach for the computation of problems with discrete random variables and demonstrate its efficiency for scattering problems with a random number of holes. The results are compared with results based on Monte Carlo methods and with Stroud based integration, confirming the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed techniques. (C) 2010 IMACS. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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