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Kinematic Batch Calibration for Legged Robots

This paper introduces a novel batch optimization based calibration framework for legged robots. Given a nondegenerate calibration dataset and considering the stochastic models of the sensors, the task is formulated as a maximum likelihood problem. In order to facilitate the derivation of consistent measurement equations, the trajectory of the robot and other auxiliary variables are included into the optimization problem. This formulation can be transformed into a nonlinear least squares problem which can be readily solved. Applied to our legged robot StarlETH, the framework estimates kinematic parameters (segment lengths, body dimensions, angular offsets), accelerometer and gyroscope biases, as well as full inter-sensor calibrations. The generic structure easily allows the inclusion of additional sensor modalities. Based on datasets obtained on the real robot the consistency and performance of the presented approach are successfully evaluated.


    • EPFL-CONF-189755

    Record created on 2013-10-03, modified on 2016-08-09

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