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Optofluidic Microstructures Containing Liquid Crystals

We report our recent efforts on the realization and characterization of a conductive polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) microstructure containing liquid crystals (LC). The sample has been realized by means of a layer by layer strategy. An indium tin oxide (ITO) layer has been sputtered on PDMS by utilizing thermal evaporation technique; an inter-diffusive scenario, leading to the embedding of the ITO layers within the PDMS matrix, makes the structure conductive and still morphologically homogeneous, even after mechanical stretching and deformation are applied to the sample. Then, the microstructure has been functionalized with an amorphous film of SiOx, infiltrated with an anisotropic and reconfigurable fluid (nematic liquid crystal, NLC) and characterized in terms of morphological, optical and electro-optical properties.


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