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A Study of Multi-Layer Spiral Inductors for Remote Powering of Implantable Sensors

An approach based on multi-layer spiral inductors to remotely power implantable sensors is investigated. As compared to single-layer inductors having the same area, multi-layer printed inductors enable a higher efficiency (up to 35% higher) and voltage gain (almost one order of magnitude higher). A system conceived to be embedded into a skin patch is designed to verify the performance. The system is able to transmit up to 15 mW over a distance of 6 mm and up to 1.17 mW where a 17 mm beef sirloin is placed between the inductors. Furthermore, the system performs downlink communication (up to 100 kbps) and uplink communication based on the backscattering technique (up to 66.6 kbps). Long-range communication is achieved by means of a bluetooth module.

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