Conference paper

Magnetically tuneable thermoplastic resistive composites

Depending on the materials and processing parameters, composite materials consisting of an insulating matrix and a conductive filler may be electrically insulating, resistive or conducting. Previously, we had manufactured composites consisting of a resin and a conducting magnetic filler, and shown that polymerisation under magnetic field could achieve oriented conductors, with essentially unidirectional electrical conduction. In this work, we explore the possibility of replacing the resin matrix by a thermoplastic material, allowing in principle free reconfiguration of the filler by re-melting the matrix under different magnetic field strengths and orientations, and thereby tuning of the electrical transport properties. The formulation, fabrication and first results are reported on such materials, with an ethylcellulose - wax matrix and conducting powders based on Ag-coated Fe3O4 and Fe2CoO4 ferrites.

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