Conference paper

Testbed for Fast-Deployable Flying WiFi Networks

EPFL's Information Processing Group (IPG) and Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LIS), in conjunction with SenseFly (a LIS spin-off) recently started a project aimed at developing a testbed to experiment with self-organized wireless networks carried by autonomous unmanned aircrafts. The idea is to use drones developed by SenseFly to carry the infrastructure of a self-organized WiFi network for easy and rapid deployment. The network can be used to connect people on the ground (e.g. rescue people in case of catastrophe) and/or to send back to a data center the information collected by sensors. The sensors might also be carried by some of the drones. The drones have a high degree of autonomy. In particular, they are capable of carrying out a missions and land without human intervention. In this work we present the state of this ongoing project that involves many challenges, including resource management, mobility management, self-organization, and scalability.

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