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A Real-Time Optimization Framework for the Iterative Controller Tuning Problem

We investigate the general iterative controller tuning (ICT) problem, where the task is to find a set of controller parameters that optimize some user-defined performance metric when the same control task is to be carried out repeatedly. Following a repeatability assumption on the system, we show that the ICT problem may be formulated as a real-time optimization (RTO) problem, thus allowing for the ICT problem to be solved in the RTO framework, which is both very flexible and comes with strong theoretical guarantees. In particular, we propose the use of a recently released RTO solver and outline a simple procedure for how this solver may be configured to solve ICT problems. The effectiveness of the proposed method is illustrated by successfully applying it to four case studies – two experimental and two simulated – that cover the tuning of model-predictive, general fixed-order, and PID controllers, as well as a system of controllers working in parallel.

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