Motor Control Adaptation to Changes in Robot Body Dynamics for a Complaint Quadruped Robot

One of the major deficiencies of current robots in comparison to living beings is the ability to adapt to new conditions either resulting from environmental changes or their own dynamics. In this work we focus on situations where the robot experiences involuntary changes in its body particularly in its limbs' inertia. Inspired from its biological counterparts we are interested in enabling the robot to adapt its motor control to the new system dynamics. To reach this goal, we propose two different control strategies and compare their performance when handling these modifications. Our results show substantial improvements in adaptivity to body changes when the robot is aware of its new dynamics and can exploit this knowledge in synthesising new motor control.

Presented at:
The 2nd International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (Living Machines 2013), London, UK, July 2013

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