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First Evidence for the Annihilation Decay Mode B+ -> D-s(+)phi

Aaij, R.; Abellan Beteta, C.; Adametz, A.; Adeva, B.; Adinolfi, M.; Adrover, C.; Affolder, A.; Ajaltouni, Z.; Albrecht, J.; Alessio, F.

LHCb Collaboration

Evidence for the hadronic annihilation decay mode B+ -> D-s(+)phi is found with greater than 3 sigma significance. The branching fraction and CP asymmetry are measured to be B(B+ -> D-s(+)phi) = (1.87(-0.73)(+1.25) (stat) +/- 0.19 (syst) +/- 0.32 (norm)) x 10(-6), A(CP)(B+ -> D-s(+)phi) = -0.01 +/- 0.41 (stat) +/- 0.03 (syst). The last uncertainty on B(B+ -> D-s(+)phi) is from the branching fractions of the B+ -> D-s(+)(D) over bar (0) normalization mode and intermediate resonance decays. Upper limits are also set for the branching fractions of the related decay modes B-(c)(+) -> D(s)+K*(0), B-(c)(+) -> D-(s)(+)(K) over bar*(0) and B-c(+) -> D-s(+)phi, including the result B(B+ -> D+K*(0)) < 1.8 x 10(-6) at the 90% credibility level.


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