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How to blue-shift phosphorescence color of iridium(III) complexes

We achieve a 20-58 nm (610-1890 cm (1)) blue-shift of the phosphorescence maximum of iridium(III) complexes [(C<^>N)(2)Ir(N<^>N)](PF6) of 1,10-phenanthrolines (N<^>N) by modifying the cyclometalating 2-phenylpyridine ligand (C<^>N = ppy) with an electron-withdrawing 4'-fluoro or 4'-trifluoromethyl group or by replacing the pyridine in ppy with a pyrazole. New complexes exhibit green or yellow phosphorescence in argon-saturated 10 (5) M dichloromethane solution at room temperature with a maximum at 525-563 nm, quantum yield of 54-68%, and excited-state lifetime of 1.1-2.7 mu s. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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