Liquid film circumferential asymmetry prediction in horizontal annular two-phase flow

This study considers the prediction of the degree of asymmetry in the circumferential distribution of the liquid film in the tube cross section of horizontal annular gas-liquid two-phase flow, endemic of the lower region of this flow regime near the stratified-wavy flow transition boundary. Focusing on disturbance waves as the predominant mechanism for transporting the liquid in the annular film from the bottom to the top of the tube to counterbalance the draining effect of gravity, a new prediction method for the degree of asymmetry in the annular liquid film is proposed that outperforms existing correlations. Flow pattern maps for horizontal gas-liquid two-phase flow of frequent use in the design of evaporators and condensers can thus be explicitly updated to account for both symmetric and asymmetric annular flows. The underlying experimental database contains 184 measured liquid film circumferential profiles, corresponding to 1276 local liquid film thickness measurements collected from 15 different literature studies for tube diameters from 8.15 mm to 95.3 mm. (c) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Published in:
International Journal Of Multiphase Flow, 51, 44-54
Oxford, Elsevier

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