In Vivo 1H MRS at 14.1T for the Accurate Characterization of the Lipid Profile of the Mouse Liver

1H MRS was employed at 14.1T to non-invasively quantify the lipid content of small samples (8-15 µl). In the mouse liver, good spectral stability was achieved by running individual scans within one breathing cycle. Ultra short TE STEAM with water suppression was used to estimate the unsaturation profile of the fatty acyl chains. This method was in good agreement with in vitro measurements in phantoms. High field is advantageous to accurately characterize the lipid profile of small samples such as the volumes selected in the liver of mice, with no need to increase the acquisition time for sensitivity gain.

    Keywords: MRS ; liver ; CIBM-AIT


    • EPFL-POSTER-186405

    Record created on 2013-05-07, modified on 2017-05-12

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