Computational Approach to the Geometry of Compact Riemann Surfaces

The goal of this document is to provide a generalmethod for the computational approach to the topology and geometry of compact Riemann surfaces. The approach is inspired by the paradigms of object oriented programming. Our methods allow us in particular to model, for numerical and computational purposes, a compact Riemann surface given by Fenchel-Nielsen parameters with respect to an arbitrary underlying graph, this in a uniformand robust manner. With this programming model established we proceed by proposing an algorithmthat produces explicit compact fundamental domains of compact Riemann surfaces as well as generators of the corresponding Fuchsian groups. In particular, we shall explain how onemay obtain convex geodesic canonical fundamental polygons. In a second part we explain in what manner simple closed geodesics are represented in our model. This will lead us to an algorithm that enumerates all these geodesics up to a given prescribed length. Finally, we shall briefly overview a number of possible applications of our method, such as finding the systoles of a Riemann surface, or drawing its Birman-Series set in a fundamental domain.

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