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Measurement of the CP Asymmetry in B-0 -> K*(0)mu(+)mu(-) Decays

Aaij, R.; Abellan Beteta, C.; Adametz, A.; Adeva, B.; Adinolfi, M.; Adrover, C.; Affolder, A.; Ajaltouni, Z.; Albrecht, J.; Alessio, F.

LHCb Collaboration

A measurement of the CP asymmetry in B-0 -> K*(0)mu(+)mu(-) decays is presented, based on 1.0 fb(-1) of pp collision data recorded by the LHCb experiment during 2011. The measurement is performed in six bins of invariant mass squared of the mu(+)mu(-) pair, excluding the J/psi and psi(2S) resonance regions. Production and detection asymmetries are removed using the B-0 -> J/psi K*(0) decay as a control mode. The integrated CP asymmetry is found to be -0.072 +/- 0.040(stat) +/- 0.005(syst), consistent with the standard model. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.031801


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