Multimode entanglement in coupled cavity arrays

We study a driven-dissipative array of coupled nonlinear optical resonators by numerically solving the von Neumann equation for the density matrix. We demonstrate that quantum correlated states of many photons can also be generated in the limit where the nonlinearity is much smaller than the losses, contrary to common expectations. Quantum correlations in this case arise from the interference between different pathways that the system can follow in the Hilbert space to reach its steady state under the effect of coherent driving fields. We characterize, in particular, two systems: a linear chain of three coupled cavities and an array of eight coupled cavities. We demonstrate the existence of a parameter range where the system emits photons with continuous-variable bipartite and quadripartite entanglement, in the case of the first and the second system, respectively. This entanglement is shown to survive realistic rates of pure dephasing and opens up a new perspective for the realization of quantum simulators or entangled photon sources without the challenging requirement of strong optical nonlinearities.

Published in:
New Journal Of Physics, 15
Bristol, Institute of Physics (IoP) and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

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