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000185300 245__ $$aThreshold Saturation in Spatially Coupled Constraint Satisfaction Problems
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000185300 520__ $$aWe consider chains of random constraint satisfaction models that are spatially coupled across a finite window along the chain direction. We investigate their phase diagram at zero temperature using the survey propagation formalism and the interpolation method. We prove that the SAT-UNSAT phase transition threshold of an infinite chain is identical to the one of the individual standard model, and is therefore not affected by spatial coupling. We compute the survey propagation complexity using population dynamics as well as large degree approximations, and determine the survey propagation threshold. We find that a clustering phase survives coupling. However, as one increases the range of the coupling window, the survey propagation threshold increases and saturates towards the phase transition threshold. We also briefly discuss other aspects of the problem. Namely, the condensation threshold is not affected by coupling, but the dynamic threshold displays saturation towards the condensation one. All these features may provide a new avenue for obtaining better provable algorithmic lower bounds on phase transition thresholds of the individual standard model.
000185300 6531_ $$aRandom constraint satisfaction
000185300 6531_ $$aSurvey propagation
000185300 6531_ $$aSpin glass
000185300 6531_ $$aSpatial coupling
000185300 6531_ $$aInterpolation method
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