We propose to combine the specific knowledge and skills from both Social sciences teams and architecture and urban design teams around the spatial dimension of the events and phenomena behind the Arab Spring. It is important to note that the initial and the following events of the Arab Spring happened primarily in cities. Urban centres are very complex systems that are at the source of the evolution of human culture and economy. The democratic component that underlies urban spatiality has emerged to the surface briefly during the last year in these recent events . This very notion of the potential of the urban spatial dimension and the role it plays in apparently unexpected phenomena is an essential reference to answer the Call and is at the origins of this research proposal. The proposal intends to work on these complex spatial conditions by combining both a macro systemic analysis and the unveiling of the specific micro-narratives of the urban cultural spatial experience. This multidisciplinary task intends to visualize and therefore render comprehensible these highly complex dynamic situations. The main objective of this research is to elucidate how space allows for the simultaneity of interconnected Processes and how that in turnreates the condition for the emergence of new orders and systems