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000185114 520__ $$aThis study presents a methodology based on the process integration techniques and multiple representation of heating and cooling requirement concept to improve the energy efficiency of a large-scale chemical plant. Considering the difficulties of data gathering in a large-scale plant, a multi-layer analysis including five levels of detail for defining energy requirement are introduced and the practice of applying the combination of these levels rather than a unique one is demonstrated. The methodology begins by generating the composite curve with the utility representation of the energy requirements. Based on the available level of the data, the composite curve is systematically improved by upgrading from the utility representation to the technological or thermodynamic ones. The single process integration (SPI) and total site integration (TSI) is performed and indicates considerable potential of energy saving. This potential has been further improved by either process condition modification or with the integration of mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) and heat pump. The Suitable energy conversion units are integrated and optimized by minimizing the energy requirement cost using the mixed integer linear programing (MILP). The optimized site utility integration increases the energy saving potential of the base-case system by 55%. Application of the proposed methodology is demonstrated through an industrial case study highlighting the different steps and the potential of this approach.
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000185114 7112_ $$dMarch 18-20, 2013$$cGothenburg, Chalmers, Sweden$$aInternational Process Integration Jubilee
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