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Building models of real-time systems from application software

We present a methodology for building timed models of real-time systems by adding time constraints to their application software. The applied constraints take into account execution times of atomic statements, the behavior of the system's external environment, and scheduling policies. The timed models of the application obtained in this manner can be analyzed by using time analysis techniques to check relevant real-time properties. We show an instance of the methodology developed in the TAXYS project for the modeling and analysis of real-time systems programmed in the Esterel language. This language has been extended to describe, by using pragmas, time constraints characterizing the execution platform and the external environment. An analyzable timed model of the real-time system is produced by composing instrumented C-code generated by the compiler. The latter has been re-engineered in order to take into account the pragmas. Finally, we report on applications of TAXYS to several nontrivial examples. © 2003 IEEE.

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