Journal article

Search for Time-Dependent CPT Violation in Hadronic and Semileptonic B Decays

Higuchi, T.; Sumisawa, K.; Adachi, I.; Aihara, H.; Asner, D. M.; Aulchenko, V.; Aushev, T.; Bakich, A. M.; Bay, A.; Belous, K.

Belle Collaboration

We report a new sensitive search for C P T violation, which includes improved measurements of the C P T-violating parameter z and the total decay-width difference normalized to the averaged width delta(d) delta(d) of the two B-d mass eigenstates . The results are based on a data sample of 535 x 10(6) B B pairs collected at the Epsilon(4 S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+) e(-) collider. We obtain Re (z) = [+1.9 +/- 3.7 (stat) +/- 3.3 (syst)] x 10(>-2), qm (z) = [-5.7 +/- 3.3 (stat) +/- 3.3 (syst)] x 10(-3), and delta(d) / delta(d) = [-1.7 +/- 1.8 (stat) +/- 1.1 (syst)] x 10(-2), all of which are consistent with zero. This is the most precise single measurement of these parameters in the neutral B-meson system to date.


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